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There's nothing quite like a concert presented to a small audience of friends in your own home. Adrienne is available for house concerts, as a solo performer or working with guitarist Peter Day.

"House concerts" don't have to be held in your home,
either: historical societies, local libraries, artists' and writers' groups, Parents & Friends groups, or other community groups might prefer to use their organisation's facilities.


* Original music, or a mix of originals/covers/traditional.

* Want to run your concert as a fundraiser? Talk to me!



Writing Inside Someone Else's Skin
How can point of view and character affect what a song says and how you hear it?

First presented for SCALA (Songwriters Composers and Lyricists Association) and subsequently offered to other groups.

Stories that are bigger on the inside
A song might be no more than three or four minutes long - but it can tell a story that would take much longer in a short story or on film. How do songwriters pack so much into a short space?

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